Street Food Festival at Radisson Blu


Radisson Blu Hyderabad is known for hosting a lot of interesting food festivals all around the year. While the themes of the festivals keep changing, one theme that Radisson has been going back to every year is Indian Street Food. And that’s hardly surprising given how dynamic and popular street food is around the country. This year’s food festival at Radisson Blu is being helmed by the new Executive Chef Sarabjeet Singh Walia.

I was invited to a blogger’s table hosted by Radisson and came away quite impressed with what was on offer. As always, the festival is being hosted at Chill. Radisson has cleverly transformed the outdoor seating area into a vibrant street food hub with push-carts and tandoors and grills. I started off at the Pani Puri and Chaat station where the Aloo Tikki Chaat was quite impressive. Local favourites like Egg Bonda, Mirchi Bhajji, and Keema Kaleji Pav were also featured, as were Mini Podi Idly, Pizza Dosa, and Appam. Haleem was available in both veg and non-veg avatars. Somewhat surprisingly, the non-veg Haleem was made from Chicken and Mutton. I enjoyed the texture of the Haleem, but the flavour, as one might expect from a Chicken Haleem, was not quite there.

From the Eastern corner of the country we had an offering of veg and non-veg dim sums along with an assortment of sauces or chutneys. The Northern states of India made their presence felt through dishes like Nukkad da Kukkad, Dudhiya Tikki, and Gosht Babri Shekh. Also on offer assorted stuffed Parathas including Aaloo, Muli, and Gobi. Besides the usual smattering of desserts at the buffet, there was a live station for Jalebi Rabri and Cotton Candy.

The festival is on until 24rth October, 7:30 PM onwards at Chill. It’ a part of the dinner buffet priced at Rs. 1250 plus tax.


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